Group Publications

  • Kry SF, J Lye, CH Clark, N Andratschke, A Dimitriadis, D Followill, R Howell, M Hussein, M Ishikawa, S Kito, T Kron, J Lee, J Michalski, A Filippo Monti, N Reynaert, P Taylor, K Venables, Y Xiao, J Lehmann Report dose-to-medium in clinical trials where available; a consensus from the global Harmonisation group to maximize consistency Radiother Oncol 2021 Open Access
  • Mir R, SM Kelly, Y Xiao, A Moore, CH Clark, E Clementel, C Corning, M Ebert, P Hoskin, CW Hurkmans, S Ishikura, Ingrid Kristensen, SF Kry, J Lehmann, JM Michalski, AF Monti, M Nakamura, K Thompson, H Yang, E Zubizarreta, N Andratschke, E Miles Organ at risk delineation for radiation therapy clinical trials: Global Harmonization Group consensus guidelines Radiother Oncol 2020 Open Access
  • Kry SF, CB Petersonc, RM Howell, J Izewskae, J Lye, CH Clark, M Nakamuraj,, C Hurkmans, P Alvarez, A Alves, T Bokulicf, D Followill, P Kazantseve, J Lowenstein, A Molineu, J Palmer, SA Smith, P Taylor, P Wesolowskae, I Williams Remote beam output audits: A global assessment of results out of tolerance Phys Imaging Radiat Oncol 2018 Open Access
  • Hussein M, E Clementel, DJ Eaton, P Greer, A Haworth, S Ishikura, SF Kry, J Lehmann, J Lye, AF Monti, M Nakamura, C Hurkmans, CH Clark A virtual dosimetry audit comparison of gamma analysis – towards transferability between global QA groups in clinical trials Radiother Oncol 2017 Open Access
  • Clark CH, CW Hurkmans, SF Kry, The role of dosimetry audit in lung SBRT multi-centre clinical trials.  Physica Medica 2017 Abstract
  • Melidis C, WR Bosch, J Izewska, E Fidarova, E Zubizarreta, K Ulin, S Ishikura, D Followill, J Galvin, A Haworth, D Besuijen, CH Clark, E Miles, E Aird, DC Weber, CW Hurkmans, D Verellen Global Harmonization of quality assurance naming conventions in radiation therapy clinical trials. Int J Radiat Oncology Biol Phys 2014 Abstract
  • Melidis C, WR Bosch, J Izewska, E Fidarova, E Zubizarreta, S Ishikura, D Followill, J Galvin, Y Xiao, MA Ebert, T Kron, CH Clark, EA Miles, EG Aird, DC Weber, K Ulin, D Verellen, CW Hurkmans, Radiation Therapy quality assurance in clinical trials-Global Harmonisation Group Radiother Oncology 2014 Open Access

Member Publications

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