Group Members

Executive Committee

Chair: Nicolaus Andratschke

Co-Chair: Liz Miles

Past-Chair: Joerg Lehmann

Steering Committee:

EORTC: Nicolaus Andratschke

IROC: Stephen Kry

JCOG: Satoshi Ishikura

RTTQA: Liz Miles

TROG: Joerg Lehmann

Steering Committee Groups

  • European Organisation on Research and Treatment of Cancer EORTC
    • Prof Nicolaus Andratschke (Radiation Oncologist)
    • Dr Nick Reynaert (Medical Physicist)
    • Dr Coen Hurkmans (Medical Physicist)
  • Japan Clinical Oncology Group – JCOG (in Japanese and English)
    • Dr Satoshi Ishikura (Radiation Oncologist)
    • Dr Mitsuhiro Nakamura (Medical Physicist) 
    • Dr Satoshi Kito (Medical Physicist) 
  • NCRI Radiotherapy Trials QA Group – RTTQA
    • Prof Peter Hoskin (Radiation Oncologist)
    • Dr Catharine Clark (Medical Physicist)
    • Mrs Elizabeth Miles (Radiation Therapist)
  • Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Group – TROG
    • Prof Martin Ebert (Medical Physicist)
    • Prof Annette Haworth (Medical Physicist)
    • Prof Tomas Kron (Medical Physicist)
    • Prof Joerg Lehmann (Medical Physicist)


  • European Society for Therapeutic Radiation & Oncology – ESTRO
    • Prof Nicolaus Andratschke (Radiation Oncologist)
    • Dr Eduard Gershkevitsh (Medical Physicist)
    • Rita Simones (Radiation Therapist)
  • International Atomic Energy Agency – IAEA
    • Kamal Akbarov (Radiation Oncologist)
    • Pavel Kazantsev (Medical Physicist)
  • Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service – ACDS
    • Rhonda Brown (Medical Physicist)
    • Brendan Healey (Medical Physicist)
  • Canadian Clinical Trials Group – CCTG
    • Dr. Alan Nichol (Radiation Oncologist)
    • Dr. Thomas G. Purdie (Medical Physicist)
  • Quality and Excellence in Radiotherapy and Imaging for Children and Adolescents with Cancer across Europe in Clinical Trials – Quartet
    • Sarah Kelly (Radiation Therapist)
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  • National Physical Laboratory – NPL
    • Dr Catharine Clark (Medical Physicist)
  • Radiation Detection Service – RDS
    • Dr Rebecca Howell (Medical Physicist)