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The group has published the following articles: 

  • Clark et al, The role of dosimetry audit in lung SBRT multi-centre clinical trials. Abstract (full article in Physica Medica)
  • Followill et al, Credentialing for Participation in Clinical Trials. Abstract (full article in Front Oncol.)
  • Fitzgerald et al, Future Vision for the Quality Assurance of Oncology Clinical Trials.Abstract (full article in Front Oncol.)
  • Ohri et al, Radiotherapy Protocol Deviations and Clinical Outcome: A Meta-analysis of Cooperative Group Clinical Trials. Abstract (full article in J Natl Cancer Inst.)
  • Molineu et al, Credentialing Results from IMRT Irradiations of an Anthropomorphic Head and Neck Phantom. Abstract (full article in Med Phys.)
  • Ibbott et al, Challenges in Credentialing Institutions and Participants in Advanced Technology Multi-institutional Clinical Trials. Abstract (full article in Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys.)
  • Peters et al, Critical Impact of Radiotherapy Protocol Compliance and Quality in the Treatment of Advanced Head and Neck Cancer: Results from TROG 02.02. Abstract (full article in J Clin Oncol.)
  • Santanam et al, Standardizing Naming Conventions in Radiation Oncology. Abstract (full article in Red Journal)
  • Melidis et al, Global Harmonization of quality assurance naming conventions in radiation therapy clinical trials. Abstract (full article in Int J Radiat Oncology Biol Phys)
  • Melidis et al, Radiation Therapy quality assurance in clinical trials-Global Harmonisation Group Abstract (full article in Radiother  Oncology)

The group has made the following presentations at international conferences:

ESTRO 35, May 2016 Turin Italy

Oral Presentations:

ESTRO 31, May 2012 Barcelona Spain

Oral Presentations: